The new BATL QUARTET LIVE album is now available!

In early March this year, BATL Quartet recorded and filmed a live performance at Pizza Express (Soho, London)

It was a great night and I think we've managed to capture the raw energy of the group.

Tim Lapthorn and I have composed all of the music and we have produced this album ourselves.

We hope you can pick up a copy...

This is a limited run of CD's but the music will also be available on most digital platforms shortly after the end of our UK Tour (July-Sep 2019).

Many thanks,

Brandon Allen x

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Brandon Allen and Tim Lapthorn have been performing together for over 16 years.

The saxophonist and pianist have played in various quartet formations at Ronnie Scott's for over 10 years.

The new quartet features brand new material written by the two players, channeling their respective influences.

Both players are known for their passionate and exciting style of playing.

They share a chemistry and intuition that pushes the music to places unknown, every night a new destination reached.

There is also a great sense of melody and swing present in the music too.

The Quartet is completed by the experienced Arnie Somogyi on bass and the fresh talent of Lloyd Haines on drums.

The repetoire is composed by the saxophonist and pianist. 

The compositional framework is relatively simple, allowing for spontaneous extemporisation on the theme and harmony, creating an exciting hot bed for improvisation.

The music is loosely influenced by Stan Getz and some of his later collaborations, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul, Jaco Pastorius, Chick Corea, The John Coltrane Quartet, swing, bebop, hard bop, brazilian music and classical and contemporary music.

The group recently recorded a LIVE ALBUM at Pizza Express on March 4th, 2019.

This new release is called BATL Quartet LIVE. 

So far, the band has performed at top UK venues including Ronnie Scott's, Pizza Express Jazz Club, Cadogan Hall, The 100 club, Con Cellar Bar and Kansas Smittys.

In 2020 the group will be touring throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

The quartet collectively have performed with Kyle Eastwood, Eddie Henderson, Ron Carter, Chris Potter, Bobby Wellins, Bruce Barth, Stefano Di Battista, Hailey Tuck, Antonio Forcione, Omar, Eric Clapton and Paloma Faith. 

"His four-octave range and flawless command of the altissimo register was nicely offset by his full-bodied yet raucous tonal quality offering something for fans of the entire history of the saxophone - From Hawkins to Brecker- he's got em covered."

London Jazz News

Tim Lapthorn's pianistic abilities include a formidable technique and delicate touch, a wonderfully rich tone from the instrument. His equal command of strong melodicism, a loamy harmonic sense and an acute rhythmical drive make him the consummate jazz pianist.”

London Jazz News

2019 Tour Dates...

11th May    The Hive (Shrewsbury)

30th May   BATL Duo @ Renaissance piano shop and cafe

24th June   Cadogan Hall Foyer (Jazz Series)

26th June   Brandon Allen Masterclass/concert @ The Purcell School

9th July      Masterclass/concert at The Guildhall

19th July    Oliver’s Jazz Bar (Greenwich)

22nd July   Early show @ Ronnie Scotts

23rd July   Early show @ Ronnie Scotts

24th July.   Early show @ Ronnie Scotts

25th July    The Fox (Twickenham)

26th July    Llandudno Jazz Festival playing "Gene Ammons"

27th July    The Archduke (Waterloo)

28th July    Boaters (Kingston)

29th July    The Late Late Show @ Ronnie Scotts playing "Transition"

31st July     Swansea Jazzland (Wales)

1st August   The Sound Cellar (Poole)

3rd August   Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire 

18th August   The Oval Tavern (Croydon)

24th August   The 606 club

29th August    Jazz Steps (Nottingham)

30th August   Hampstead Jazz Club

13th September    The Vortex

More tour dates to be announced!