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Purchase albums and digital downloads on Bandcamp.


Recordings as sideman:

Clark Tracey- Given time (TTTCDS758)

Chris Allard Band - Open spaces (AR-CA10071)

Dylan Howe Quintet - Translation (MR1001)

Dylan Howe Quintet - Translation 2 (MR1002)

Tom Richards Orchestra - Smoke and mirrors (CCD79850) 

Tony Hadley Big Band- Perfect Strangers

Blake Wilner Quartet - Interloper (ANTJCD4) 

James Pusey - First chapter (JP001)

Sunlight Square Latin Combo - Havana Central

Sunlight Square - Britannia Shing A Ling

Anthony Strong - Stepping Out (NJ622811)

Chris Allard Band - Jupiter Island (SUNCD13)

Sax Appeal - Funkerdeen (JITCD1460) 

Sax Appeal - Big Bad trouble

Kyle Eastwood-Time pieces (JV570034)

Kyle Eastwood - In Transit (JV570146)

Kyle Eastwood - Cinematic (DISCO19CD01)

Dylan Howe - Subterranean (MR1004)

Lauren Bush - All my treasures

Charlie Wood - Tomorrow night

Recordings as leader: 

The Quentin Collins/Brandon Allen Quartet - What's it gonna be? (SUNCD010) 
QCBA - Beauty in Quiet Places (UBU0002)
Brandon Allen - The Gene Ammons Project (RTJR001)

BATL Quartet - BATL Quartet LIVE (RTJR002)