Highgate Jazz with Soul Festival
22-25th August, 2014.

The Highgate Jazz with Soul Festival is still seeking sponsors for this years event.
Please see the sponsorship link below for a list of benefits for sponsors and details on how to donate.
Alternatively, please email Brandon Allen at:

We would like to thank this years sponsors so far:

Benham and Reeves          http://b-r.co.uk/
Prickett & Ellis Underhill     http://www.prickettandellis.com/
RRC Thai                           http://rrcthaicafe.com/
D'Addario UK                     www.daddario.com
London Music House         http://londonmusichouse.com/
Solace Design                    http://solacedesign.com/
Scribe Magazine                http://scribemagazine.com.au/

This years venues are:

The Gatehouse Theatre (Top of Highgate Village)                           
Lauderdale House (Highgate Hill on Waterlow Park)                        http://www.lauderdalehouse.org.uk/
Highgate United Reformed Church (Pond Square, Highgate Village)       http://www.highgateurc.co.uk/
The Old Crown (Highgate Hill)                                                          http://www.theoldcrownhighgate.co.uk/
Caipirinha (Archway road)                                                                http://caipirinha-london.com/home.htm



Festival Programme
Friday 22nd August

8pm till late      FESTIVAL LAUNCH NIGHT: Kerim Gunes Band plus DJ's and surprise guest musicians...    @ Caipirinha          £10/£8
Kerim Gunes (electric bass and vocals), Luke Bowman (guitar), Jon Moody (keys) and Dan Hale (drums).

Saturday 23rd August

1pm     Laura Jurd Quartet         @ The Old Crown     £10/£8                                             

Laura Jurd (trumpet), Elliot Gavin (keyboards), Conor Chaplin (electric bass) and Corrie Dick (drums)

3.30pm     Arnie Somagyi's Scenes in the City      @ Highgate United Reformed Church     £17.50/£15           
Arnie Somagyi (bass), Toni Kofi (saxes), Alan Barnes (sax and clarinet), Jeremy Price (trombone), Mark Edwards (piano) and Clark Tracey (drums).

6pm       Corina Piatti Trio       @ The Old Crown     £10/£8                        
Corina Piatti (vocals/guitar), Henry Gilbert (bass) and Koichi Sakai (percussion). 
"Corina Piatti, singer, songwriter and guitarist, is originally from Argentina and sings in Spanish, Portuguese and English, reflecting the different cultures from which she has taken her musical inspiration"                                                                            

8pm     Alex Garnett's London Supersax Project    @ Highgate United Reformed Church     £20/£18       
Alex Garnett (baritone), Nigel Hitchcock (alto), Sammy Mayne (alto), Brandon Allen (tenor), Graeme Blevins (tenor), Steve Fishwick (trumpet), James Pearson (piano), Sam Burgess (bass) and Chris Higginbottom (drums)                                                    

11pm-3am   Mark Edwards Trio, DJ's plus JAM SESSION hosted by Brandon Allen
Mark Edwards (piano), Mick Hutton (bass) and Clark Tracey (drums).
@ Caipirinha     £10/£5 after midnight

Sunday 24th August

1pm     Jean Toussaint's JT4            @ Lauderdale House     £15/£13
Jean Toussaint (saxes), Larry Bartley (bass), piano (TBC), drums (TBC).            

3.30pm     Artie Zaitz Organ Trio           @ The Old Crown      £10/£8               
Artie Zaitz (guitar), Ross Stanley (Hammond Organ) and Shaney Forbes (drums).

5.30pm     Anita Wardell Quartet       @ Lauderdale House   £15/£13              

Anita Wardell (vocals), Robin Aspland (piano), Dario Di Lecce (bass) and Jon Scott (drums)                 http://www.anitawardell.com/

8.30pm     Chris Allard Band        @ Lauderdale House      £17.50/£15                         
Chris Allard (guitars), Brandon Allen (saxophone), Ross Stanley (piano/keys), Oli Hayhurst (bass) and Nick Smalley (drums).   http://www.chrisallard.co.uk/

11pm-3am     Tim Lapthorn Trio, DJ's plus JAM SESSION hosted by Brandon Allen     @ Caipirinha    £10/£5 after midnight 
Tim Lapthorn (piano), Mark Lewandowski (bass) and Matt Home (drums)

Monday 25th August

1pm    Ed Jones Quartet      @ The Old Crown   £12/£10           

Ed Jones (saxes), Ross Stanley (piano), Riaan Vosloo (bass) and Tim Giles (drums).       http://www.ascrecords.com/ed_jones.html

3pm   Andy Panayi/Mark Nightingale Quartet     @ The Gatehouse Theatre    £15/£13    
Andy Panayi (saxes), Mark Nightingale (trombone), Bass(TBC) and Steve Brown (drums).
 http://www.andypanayi.co.uk/           http://mark-nightingale.co.uk/ 

5.30pm    Sarah Gillespie Band     @ The Gatehouse Theatre     £15/£13        http://sarahgillespie.com/
Sarah Gillespie (vocals/guitar), Tom Cawley (piano), Ben Bastin (bass) and Enzo Zirilli (drums).

8.15pm    The Highgate Jazz with Soul Festival Orchestra featuring James Torme and Abigail Boyd              

@ The Gatehouse Theatre  £20/£18
James Torme (vocals), Abigail Boyd (vocals/violin), Brandon Allen (Musical Director/tenor saxophone/flute), Nigel Hitchcock (alto), Sammy Mayne (alto/flute/clarinet), Graeme Blevins (tenor/flute/clarinet), Alex Garnett (baritone/flute), Tom Walsh (lead trumpet), Steve Fishwick (trpt), Freddie Gavita (trpt), Quentin Collins (trpt), Trevor Mires (trombone), Tom White (trb), Alistair White (trb), Calum Au (bass trb), Ross Stanley (piano/keys/hammond organ), Chris Allard (guitar), Mark Lewandowski (bass), Ian Thomas (drums) plus String Quartet (TBC).

 http://brandonallen.co.uk/            http://www.jamestorme.com/

11pm till late     Festival closing party    @ Caipirinha         £5

Alex Garnett's London Supersax Project

Arnie Somagyi's Scenes in the City

Sarah Gillespie Band

The Anita Wardell Quartet

Corina Piatti

Andy Panayi/Mark Nightingale Quartet

The Chris Allard Band

The Ed Jones Quartet

Laura Jurd Quartet

The Artie Zaitz Organ Trio

Festival tickets/passes available soon...

Press Clippings



Ivan Hewett
The Daily Telegraph


They would have been soothed by this elegant duo gig, given in a wooden-beamed, sun-filled hall in Lauderdale House in Highgate.

Bobby Wellins, the tenor saxophonist who became famous back in the Sixties with Stan Tracey’s quartet, was the senior of the two. Kate Williams, the pianist, is his junior by some decades. But one was never aware of the gap. They were as one in their understated, affectionate recreation of nine great standards.

In some ways it was more respectful than a gig from the middle of the last century might have been. When Charlie Parker mused on Billie Holiday’s favourite song, Lover Man, in the Forties, he bent the tune imperiously to his will from the word go. Here Wellins first gave us the tune’s outline absolutely straight, and the duo were equally plain-speaking with the other numbers. Perhaps they’re aware that nowadays people need to have these great melodies spelled out.

However plain-speaking doesn’t imply timid. That same melody they coloured with Brazilian rhythms, which gave it a startlingly different flavour. My Funny Valentine they rendered as a waltz, one of several we heard in the course of the two sets.On the whole, though, this gig was all about fleeting subtleties of the kind that registered almost subliminally. In Cole Porter’s Dream Dancing, Wellins coloured the repeated notes differently each time, but so deftly that it registered as a mood spread over the whole number.

As for Kate Williams, her touch was so unassertive it seemed colourless at first. But that’s because she was focused on the notes themselves, and wanted us to be too. She has a way of picking up on a hint in the original - a little pause between phrases, a harmonic turn - and pursuing it with mesmerising clarity.

Both players enjoyed their moments in the sun, but it was when they improvised together that things really took off. The highlight for me came at the end of Jimmy Witherspoon’s Sweet Slumber, when they wittily dovetailed their phrases, aiming like an arrow at a close that was surprising and yet exactly right.

John Fordham
The Guardian, Wednesday 29 August 2012

Brigitte Beraha, the lyrical, Italian-born singer-songwriter, and Gareth Williams, the powerful Welsh pianist, between them embodied the fundamentals of the Jazz With Soul weekender in London's Highgate: spontaneity, high-class UK jazz artistry and a cherishing of popular song. Beraha's Saturday performance and Williams's Sunday afternoon show with his Power Trio also called for other kinds of improv skills – Beraha had to reinvent her gig for a duo in the absence of her traffic-jammed trumpeter, Williams found himself wrestling with a recalcitrant PA – but neither artist's style was audibly cramped.

The last-minute reshuffle probably inclined Beraha to more jazz standbys than originals, imperturbably propelled by the resourcefulness of excellent pianist Ross Stanley. She's a fine singer of well-travelled materials, however. Jobim's Wave found her coolly squeezing and stretching the samba pulse, My One and Only Love and I'm Old Fashioned were softly confiding and briskly improvisational respectively, and Jerome Kern's In Love in Vain was yearning and robust. Beraha's more impressionistic, Norma Winstone influences nonetheless did surface on gracefully folksy, mostly wordless originals in both sets, and her handling of Kenny Wheeler's steadily building, wide-interval song, Kayak, showed how much subtle technique she keeps in reserve.

By coincidence, Williams also performed In Love in Vain at his Sunday gig. His version was vocally huskier and more shruggingly resigned, with the real focus being his scalding piano solo over Laurence Cottle's bass-walk. With Cottle and the emphatic drummer Ian Thomas, Williams mixed crisp blues and funk on electric piano with fast, rising lines (Evans the Piano) and an inventively choppy, dissonant account of John Coltrane's Giant Steps on the acoustic instrument. Williams's big strengths are a Bill Evans-like talent for varying the weight and shapes of phrases across long improvisations, and a blazing uptempo swing. He's an unassuming local star in a jazz-piano territory jammed with hot competition.

Camden New Journal

THERE’S every prospect of a third Highgate Jazz with Soul Festival next autumn following the huge success of the recent festival held over the Bank Holiday weekend.

“Despite all the hard work and late nights, it’s been worth it – and yes, I’m already thinking about next year,” says festival organiser, tenor saxophonist Brandon Allen.

“The amount of people who’ve have come up to me and said ‘thanks for staging such an event’ means, how can I stop now? The support from the public and local businesses has been magnificent.

“Venues not in the recent festival have already come forward and said they’d like to get involved next year, so I’m sure we can have an even better festival next year.

“We now need to work to get some more funding and more people to provide sponsorship.

“If that happens, we can get more acts like the amazing Jacqui Dankworth.”


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